Trees. Another Sketch

Tuscan Trees (A study) acrylic on canvas 180x150cm.

At home, with another unfinished study of Firenze. I often think how Constable would make wonderful full sized sketches, in preparation for his annual academy showpiece, that were always superior to the finished work. It is those masterful sketches that he was truly at home with. One day I might get around to making a finished version from this study.

Tuscan Trees

From an Italian sketchbook 🌳🌿

I have always loved the shape of Italian trees in Da Vinci’s paintings.

Believed to be supernatural by early tribesman, the evergreen Tuscan cypress tree can live for up to 2,000 years and was planted around burial grounds. 

The fragrant scent of the resin was thought to ward off evil spirits and ensure safe passage to the after-life. The wood was perfect for crafting coffins and shrines. 

According to the Bible, Noah’s ark was made from cypress wood, as was the very cross on which Jesus was crucified.