12 thoughts on “drawings

  1. Your work has the paradoxical virtue of looking classical yet undeniably modern.I especially admire your ability to be consistent throughout your artistic travels without becoming the least bit stale. Thanks for visiting my blog and thus giving me the opportunity to see your work!

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    1. Thanks very much. I love the idea of your misty pushback.. I have often spoken to others of this distancing quality, that artists like Richter has in his figurative works, but it is an impossible and elusive idea to convey in words!


      1. OH YEAH! Richter is definitely a master of many styles, but the abstract is incredible. I once watched a video of him creating one of his gargantuan pieces, sliding the paint on with what looks to be an enormous scraper. When it’s that big, I don’t know how you can tell if it’s working before you’ve taken a wrong step!

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      2. I think you just hold your breath and see what happens! Nerve wrecking stuff ✨ Whereas de Kooning used to try out areas of his paintings on newspaper that he stuck to the canvas. If it looked OK he peeled off the paper and copied it to the canvas for real. So much for the purity of Action Painting! I suppose its a lifetime of finding and adapting techniques that works for you. I have a bad habit of painting over the work just to see if it can happen a second time😬

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  2. Hello Noel
    Thank you for visiting my blog! Your work is beautiful and a little haunting at the same time. I liked the pictures of your studio especially the studio table with Tin Tin. I used to have the Pillsbury dough boy on my drawing table. The human form is often difficult to do (for me anyway) but you have captured it with just a few brush strokes!

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    1. Thanks Lori, its always amazes me what finds it way onto an artist’s table or wall. I guess we need to be surrounded by objects that somehow we feel shaped us (I have an axe on the wall that I chopped firewood as a boy) For Portraits .. People or Animals.. capturing a personality is more important than mere likeness. Your portraits have this elusive quality! (I wonder what replaced the Pillsbury dough boy?)


  3. I agree about personality being more important in a portrait rather than likeness.
    Funny you should mention that about who replaced the Pillsbury dough boy. Have you ever heard of the annoying frog? I saw this stuffed “frog” in a store once with “press me” on his hand. I can never resist those press me things and the frog did not disappoint me! He really is annoying but funny! He now graces my table and views my work through his goggles.


  4. Noel, as I’ve already told you on Instagram, your art is superb. Reminds me of Seán Keating, John Lavery. Hope to buy some of it one day.

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