Trees. Another Sketch

Tuscan Trees (A study) acrylic on canvas 180x150cm.

At home, with another unfinished study of Firenze. I often think how Constable would make wonderful full sized sketches, in preparation for his annual academy showpiece, that were always superior to the finished work. It is those masterful sketches that he was truly at home with. One day I might get around to making a finished version from this study.


5 thoughts on “Trees. Another Sketch

  1. 2nd August 2017

    Nice one Noel.

    So, here are the marks which are interpreations of the influence of what you saw.
    Can they ever be improved on beyond for commercial purposes and we all need some success in that field to to fuel our progress.
    You can’t live on platitudes and ecouragement alone.

    I think your sketch looks brilliant.
    What happened did you lose your ‘phone?

    This is all about why artists bother to do what they do.

    Keep safe and well,

    Best wishes,


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  2. There’s certainly something to be said about sketches being superior to the finished work. It seems like sometimes we get so excited by the preliminary that we overwork it in the final. Some quality of looseness lost in the interpretation…at least for me, anyway!


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